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Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters

Jan Pronk, former Dutch Minister of Development Cooperation, in his preface to Troubled Waters:
Everyone in the South and the North who is involved in research and development cooperation can benefit from reading and pondering the results of this study.
Demand-oriented programmes involving South-North partnerships often lose touch with the demand that led to their establishment in the first place. This book addresses the ‘troubled waters’ of hidden cultural norms and values that shape the decision-making process, the translation of social programmes into research and the use of analysis to generate solutions. It explains how identifying the steering forces is the first step towards improving the structure of research programmes that support development.

Louk de la Rive Box in his review of in Development and Change 37, 2006:
Since the book reads as a ‘whodunit?’ or rather ‘whatdidit?’ it is a pity to give away the plot. Yet I must do so because Wieberdink’s post mortem-analysis is fascinating in itself. Her conclusion is that the operation partially succeeded but the patient inadvertently died. It succeeded in the sense a partnership seemed to develop – yet did not in realty. Due to an overbearing attitude of the Dutch, the wrong doctors stood around the patient’s bed. The doctors learned, but the patient died. (…)
The book thus makes a valuable contribution to debates about international cooperation in scientific knowledge production.

Deze publicatie gaat in op Noord-Zuid-samenwerking ter ondersteuning van ontwikkelingsprocessen en waarom veel van deze programma’s niet het gewenste resultaat behalen, ondanks alle goede bedoelingen van de betrokkenen. De lessen hieruit zijn toepasbaar op veel situaties in de samenleving. Troubled Waters vergroot het inzicht in interculturele communicatieprocessen.

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